It´s wonderful to be able to make soft yarns and garments in natural fibers from cashmere goats, that continue their perpetual grazing five minutes after dehairing. Nature offers quality in sustainable ways and we embrace it.


Kashmina of Norway was established in 2011. Norwegian design in high quality cashmere from inner Mongolia. Two very different worlds united to create warm and comfy clothing in sustainable ways. We seek to create cashmere yarns and slow fashion cashmere pieces that make life more beautiful and more comfortable. All our yarns and designs are in 100% pure cashmere. We all make choices that define who we are and who we want to be. Choose to wear natural fibers, and choose to buy few and high quality pieces - support sustainability. Kashmina is now a devoted onlinestore, we look to the future and no longer use retailers. But hey! you might see us in a popupstore - we open a flagshipstore every fall.

Our mission and hope is to become one of your favorite yarn brands :-)


 gründeren av Kashmina, Monica Bergem
 (Monica Bergem, owner) 



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